An interesting, but confusing, construction abbreviation

This article explains construction abbreviations in various languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese.For more than 40 years, this page has given a clear and accurate guide to building construction.The article was written by the staff of the Lad Bible, a bible translation service.It was published by the Lad Project, an organization that aims to promote and protect

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Feng shui

Volvo’s new Granite Tower will feature a giant glass dome, and will be the largest glass tower in the world

Volvo will unveil a new glass tower for its Granite tower next week, the company announced.The project will be called Granite Construction, and it will feature an 800-foot-tall glass dome with a top diameter of 700 feet and a height of about 900 feet, the Wall Street Journal reported.It will be installed by the company's new subsidiary, Volvo Construction Equipment.The

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