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A new LEGO truck looks like a lot of fun

It's hard to know what to make of the new LEGO trucks, but they look like a great mix of the toy and real world vehicles, and they're sure to attract a whole new set of fans.The first of these is the Ford F-150 pickup truck, which comes with a variety of features that are a bit unusual for a

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Interior design

Trump’s construction contractors are getting a tax break

President Donald Trump's administration is proposing a major tax relief package to help construction companies avoid paying federal taxes, according to the Associated Press.Trump's proposal, which is set to be unveiled next week, would exempt companies with revenues of more than $250 million from paying the full income tax on their business income, the AP reports.Construction companies are among those

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When ‘Toys’ are a Thing

TONIGHT: Here's what you need to know about construction toys.Posted October 12, 2018 05:00:00The new Toy Story movie has a huge, massive box-office hit in China.In America, it's a box-Office failure.Toy Story, a Disney film, debuted in China on October 3, 2016.Its grosses have been soaring.In its opening weekend, it took in $10.7 million in China, more than double the

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