Interior design

How to design and build your own construction zone

A new book on the construction industry says you need to learn about the different types of building and the importance of choosing a site that maximises the use of natural resources.In Construction Zone, John Erskine, a professor of architectural design at the University of Warwick and a pioneer in the field of sustainable design, will teach you how to

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Power construction jobs at risk in the US after hurricanes Harvey and Irma

POWER CONSTRUCTION Jobs at risk after Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, the United States Department of Labor said Wednesday, in a statement that included a list of major construction jobs in the country that have been shuttered.The department's report said nearly half of the job losses in construction related to hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria were in the construction industry.It

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How to avoid construction jobs

What's a construction company and what's not?These are the questions we're asking now as we delve into the next phase of the construction boom.Here are the answers.What's a contractor?In a typical construction job, the company that is contracted to build something will usually have two roles:As an individual, you'll be responsible for doing everything from getting the project approved, to

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