Why You Should Use Construction Tools, Construct 3

I love construction tools.I have them.I use them daily.They're my go-to tool when I'm building something.But they're also my downfall.Here's why: First, they're expensive.Second, they don't come in all shapes and sizes.And third, they have a limited shelf life.That's why you can't always find a project that's ready for use in just a few days.So instead of spending months assembling

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The Bakery Company of Canada is going to sue for breach of contract

Posted October 09, 2019 06:03:11An Ontario bakery owner says the company he's working with is being "constitutionally challenged" for allegedly breaching contracts.Karen Stoddart, who runs the Canadian Bakery, says the Ontario Superior Court of Justice has granted an injunction against the company.She says it's not clear what exactly the injunction is meant to cover, but the court has ruled in

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