Interior design

How to build your own skyscraper

A construction foreman in Chicago has created a prototype skyscraper from a cardboard box that he built using construction bricks.The construction supervisor, Derek McMillon, told ABC News that he had the idea for the project in his mind for years, but it was only after he and his wife got a new home in Chicago that he realized how quickly

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The White House weighs a potential shutdown as Republicans prepare to take over

President Donald Trump on Thursday told a Senate committee that he would consider a partial government shutdown as part of a "temporary deal" with Democrats to avert a shutdown.The president's comments come as the White House is preparing to make the final push to persuade lawmakers to pass a partial shutdown that will include the government shutdown and potentially other

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Feng shui

Layton Construction Sells $1.5 Billion of Properties for $1 Billion in Revenue

A $1 billion construction contract from Layton in Massachusetts is expected to generate $1 million per day in revenue over the next three years, the company said Thursday.Layton Construction said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that it sold $1,521.8 million worth of residential and commercial property during fiscal year 2017 to build facilities at its new

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