Tasty food and drink, plus some food for the table?

A few months back I attended the Tasty Food and Drink Festival at the Adelaide Oval.There were plenty of food trucks, and a few beers on tap.But one of the biggest draws was a massive burger called 'Tasty Burger'.I was a bit shocked to see a burger so large, and that's probably because it wasn't exactly my cup of tea.But

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Design construction

Which roads are best for your car?

It's the kind of question that would be asked by any teenager who was just starting out.But it has taken a lot of research and research to find out which roads are the best for you.The question is why, exactly?It turns out the answer is very simple.It's all about how your body reacts to different road surfaces.The best way to

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Interior design

What you need to know about concrete construction: A guide to concrete construction

It's a bit hard to make a living doing construction, but that's because it's hard to do anything else.When I was growing up, we built all kinds of stuff.We built the schools, we lived in houses.The whole family built houses and lived in them.But concrete construction is very different from that.In concrete construction it's all about building materials, and it's

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