It’s hard to know what to make of the new LEGO trucks, but they look like a great mix of the toy and real world vehicles, and they’re sure to attract a whole new set of fans.

The first of these is the Ford F-150 pickup truck, which comes with a variety of features that are a bit unusual for a LEGO truck.

While it does have a lot going for it, it’s still just a pickup truck.

The second truck is the Mercedes-Benz GLA SUV, which is a full-size vehicle.

The third is the Honda Odyssey SUV, a pickup that’s actually a little more complicated than the ones shown above.

It’s a full two feet wide, but it’s actually only about three feet tall, making it look a little bit like a mini-bus.

The truck itself has a huge headlight, and it has a rear-mounted sunroof.

There are two other trucks in the range that are slightly more interesting.

One of them is the Nissan Titan truck, and the other is the Volvo V70 pickup.

The Nissan Titan is the first truck to have a roof, which it has been doing since the ’90s.

In order to make the Titan a real truck, Nissan has to be able to build it in a certain size.

It has a roof that is more than two feet tall and a roof spoiler that’s about four feet wide.

It also has a front-mounted engine, but the only way to get that is to use a roof crane, which Nissan doesn’t have any of.

The Volvo V72 is a semi-truck that’s also built to look like it’s a semi, but you can actually see the rear of the truck from behind.

There’s also a third truck, the Ford Transit Transit, which has the same basic design as the Titan.

There aren’t any of the features that the Titan has, but its size makes it look like an SUV.

The Ford Transit has an even bigger headlight and roof spoiler, which makes it appear like an actual bus.

The final truck in the line, the Volvo F40, is a mini truck that’s made to look a bit like an older Ford Transit, but there’s no roof and the whole interior is made of wood.

The F40 is also the first to have an electric roof, and its only a full half-meter wide.

The whole thing is just over a meter long.

It weighs around 2,200 pounds, which would make it the most heavy truck in LEGO history.

The next truck in line is the Dodge Ram pickup truck and it looks just like a regular Ram.

There isn’t any real new technology, but that’s the main difference between the truck and the Titan truck.

It doesn’t come with any additional features that a Titan truck doesn’t, like a roof or a headlight.

Instead, it has the standard Ram truck body that is mostly plastic, and there’s a very large rear fender.

There is also a roof on top of the ram.

This makes the truck look like something you might see on a Ram truck.

There were rumors that the F40 would have a fully-equipped Ram body, but this is the one we’re seeing today.

It comes with the standard F-series Ram body that looks like the F-100 pickup, and with its front fender, you can see a Ram badge on the side.

There have been rumors that this truck would have two additional doors, but as of right now, we don’t know if the two additional side doors will be part of the Ram body.

There hasn’t been much information about this truck, but we’re pretty sure that it’ll look like this for a while.

The last truck in our line is a small truck that has a pretty standard exterior.

The engine is a diesel, but not an actual diesel, so there aren’t really any special features.

There has been a rumor that the Ram truck would get an all-wheel drive system, but those rumors have yet to come to fruition.

There does have one other feature in this truck that will make it a real pickup, though.

It will have a “stereo radio,” which means that the front and rear cameras will work in tandem, making this truck one of the first LEGO trucks that can actually talk to you.

It’ll also be the first one in a line of trucks to have two front-facing cameras, as well as two rear-facing ones.

This means that it can pick up and record audio, and you can even use it to turn the engine off and on.

The audio is pretty good, too.

We were able to listen to the truck’s stereo when we got it, which was pretty impressive.

The sound system is actually quite good, and we were able for the first time to hear some of the audio from the truck.

You can hear the engine, and your voice can be heard as well.

The only thing we didn’t hear was

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