A new book on the construction industry says you need to learn about the different types of building and the importance of choosing a site that maximises the use of natural resources.

In Construction Zone, John Erskine, a professor of architectural design at the University of Warwick and a pioneer in the field of sustainable design, will teach you how to design a safe, secure and well-equipped construction zone.

This book is aimed at the builders of new homes, including builders of office buildings, residential buildings and commercial buildings, as well as those building the most sustainable homes in Australia.

Mr Erslager will talk about the types of sites you need for safe construction, and how they will affect the environment.

He will also look at the best ways to achieve your design goals.

“The main goal of this book is to show you what a good construction zone looks like and what it will cost you to build,” he said.

“This is really a case study in the construction of a site, rather than the design of a building itself.”

Mr Eerskine said you can design your own site without knowing anything about the history of construction.

“I think the real key is the site, because you can’t just design it.

You have to build it,” he told ABC Radio.”

You need to understand the history, you have to understand its properties, you need a plan and then you can put together the right design for your site.”

When you’ve got that, then you have a great opportunity to design the best possible site.

“The more you understand the site and the properties of the site the more you will be able to design better, more environmentally friendly buildings.”

Building your own safety zone

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