The Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) will be moving forward with the construction of a new lane on I-95, the first phase of the Philadelphia International Bridge Improvement Project.

The project will be completed in late 2019.

The Philadelphia City Council passed a resolution in March that called for a permanent lane extension for all lanes on the bridge.

The plan is expected to cost an estimated $300 million, and was approved by the Philadelphia Planning Commission last week.

The project will include the installation of over 200 new traffic signals along the bridge, a new ramp for northbound traffic, and the widening of the bridge to four lanes.

According to a statement from the City of Philadelphia, the new lane is intended to improve traffic flow for motorists and pedestrians.

The $300 Million lane extension will consist of the following phases:Construction on the project began in 2019, with the first lane opening in early 2020.

A $1 million contract was awarded to Delco for the work.

The City of Harrisburg awarded the project to the PPD.

The work will be performed by contractors PNC.

The new lanes are expected to be completed by December 2020.

The lanes will be connected to a new southbound shoulder, which will eventually connect to the existing I-495 bridge.

The lanes will also be connected with the new northbound I-93 corridor and a new eastbound lane on US 183 between the US-64 and US-65 interchange ramps.

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