Here are the top four candidates in the run-up to the Bihar elections.

BJP’s Ram Nath Kovind won the Lok Sabha elections in the northeast on March 26, becoming the first Indian prime minister to win a majority in the lower house in two decades.

The Congress party, which was defeated in the last election in 2017, has been seeking a second term in office.

But the BJP’s Ram Lal Yadav is set to form the next government, which will be the first in nearly 50 years in the state.

Meanwhile, the Congress party has been in power in the Bihar Assembly for the last 25 years, but its leader Nitish Kumar has yet to win an outright majority in a state where there are three other major parties.

In 2016, the BJP came in third place with 36 seats.

The ruling JD(U) has also won the most seats, securing nearly 70 percent of the total.

This time around, it is facing a challenge from the JD(S) and the JD-U.

JD(C) is expected to win at least 25 percent of seats in the assembly.

The JD(I) and JD(P) have been in coalition government since 2017.

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