New York’s skyline has been undergoing a complete renovation since the end of the 2015-16 season, but that hasn’t stopped those who live there from taking to the streets.

The new cityscape is littered with some of the best architectural renderings in the country, and some of them have already begun to appear in the press.

Take, for example, this rendering by architecture firm Bendersky and Associates that shows the massive New York Public Library’s iconic central library building, as it appears in this architectural render by Benderskys, a London-based architectural firm.

While the new library might look a bit more like a traditional public library, the architects’ work has taken a much more modern, contemporary, and creative approach to the building, including its roof.

Bendersky has been working on this new library project for nearly five years, and they’ve already had a number of clients come through for their consultation, including The New York Times, ABC News, and even NASA.

The project itself is still in the planning stage, but the building itself is already up and running.

Aerial shots of the new structure, with the library’s massive, curved ceiling, were taken by Bendsky and co. in September.

We’ve seen a lot of great work lately from New York, but nothing quite like this.

They’ve taken the most radical approach yet, and it’s been a joy to work on this project with them.

We have a fantastic team and it has been great to work with them, said Benderskaya’s head of architecture, Simon Leibman.

They have captured the building as we know it from the outside, but taken a bold new approach.

We really hope that this will become a new landmark for the city.

[View of the library from the roof, via Benderski] A few other buildings have also been updated to incorporate the new architecture, including the iconic Central Park South tower.

In a post on Benderska’s website, the firm explains that the new design is a “transitional” style, and is “part of a process for creating a new, more modern structure that integrates and redefines the architecture of the building.”

As the architectural firm notes, the building’s structure “is an essential component of the cityscape,” and it is the “central pillar of the skyline.” 

[View of New York City from Central Park, via Flickr user michael chesh] The new design isn’t the only building that’s received a redesign, either.

The New Yorker also got a makeover, and the Times Tower was updated as well.

 The Times Tower’s facade was also completely replaced, and a brand new roof was installed in place of the old.

[View, via NYT Tower] In addition, the Times building was given a facelift, and this render shows the new building in action.

All told, the New York skyline has undergone a complete makeover over the past few years, but its not just a matter of changing the names of buildings.

It’s also changing the way people live there, and those who work in the area are taking notice of the project.

According to the New Yorker, a new rendering of the New Library has already been sent to the Times Building. 

[View, through New York Post] “We have a wonderful team and its been great working with them,” said Leibmann.

“We have clients coming in, so we’ve been very fortunate in getting these renderings that we can share with the public.”

The next New York building that gets a make over is the new Central Park West tower.

It also received a facewatch this year, and its a gorgeous building with a lot to offer the public.

Central Park West, built in 1928, has the distinction of being the first public library in New York.

And although the library has undergone some major renovations over the years, its still one of the most recognizable buildings in the city, thanks to its iconic roof.

It has been used as a museum, a convention center, and for many other purposes, and will continue to be so for a while.

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