Armie Hammer’s wife has been charged with causing a constructive discharges in an alleged sexual assault.

The charge against Mary Hammer comes after she allegedly touched and kissed a 19-year-old woman in the toilet at her Sydney home in March.

Armie’s lawyer, Jason Williams, told the court his client is “not responsible for the conduct of the complainant”.

The NSW Magistrates Court heard that in March, Armie and the woman had an argument outside Armiehammer’s home and when the argument escalated, Armies wife allegedly pulled down his trousers and touched him inappropriately.

The court heard that after that Armies lawyer took out a newspaper to try and find out what had happened and that he then saw the newspaper.

Armies lawyers said that he had tried to take his phone out of the toilet but that his wife grabbed it.

Mr Williams said that his client had a bruised hand, an injury to his right thigh, a cut to his finger and swelling around his eye.

He said that after his wife saw the paper, she ran out of her home and told police.

Ms Hammer has pleaded not guilty to the charges and will appear in the court on February 27.

Judge Peter Pugh told Ms Hammer that while her husband had done something that was not constructive, the court did not believe she had committed the offence of sexual assault and was not guilty.

Armi Hammer said she had been left feeling “frustrated, hurt and scared”.

She also said she did not want the charges against her to affect her future career as an artist.

Armistead Hammer said he would not be able to go on as a painter after he is released from prison, because of the sexual assault allegations.

“I can’t do anything with my career, I can’t get jobs,” Armie said.

I want to be a good dad to my children and be able do something with my life.” “

It has made me really angry.

I want to be a good dad to my children and be able do something with my life.”

Armie has been in custody since March 15.

He has pleaded guilty to four charges, including a charge of sexual touching, two charges of sexual activity with a minor and one charge of causing a reasonable person to engage in sexual activity.

He will be sentenced on May 17.

Source: News Corp Australia

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