The Cleveland Cavaliers have been working on a plan to move onto the next level.

The Cavs are not in the midst of a rebuild, but they have a few steps in the right direction.

They are still a few years away from being able to win a championship, and the team is not yet able to build on the talent they’ve already built.

But it’s a start.

After an injury-plagued season that ended with the Cavs losing their first three games, coach Tyronn Lue said that he thinks the team can turn things around, which was a big thing for Cleveland fans when the team’s first-round loss to the Boston Celtics was on the horizon.

Lue said it will take time to build the chemistry that the Cavs have built, and he’s looking to do so now.

The Cavs won’t get a championship until LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson return, and they’ll need to have the team win on a consistent basis to get the most out of James, Irving and Thompson, which is what Lue wants.

It will take the Cavs playing with more intensity and winning more, Lue added.

But the most important part of that is getting the players to play together more, because they all want to play well.

Lues also acknowledged that the Cavaliers were struggling offensively when James, James Harden and Anthony Davis all left the team during the offseason, but that was the Cavs’ fault.

The Cavs had the worst field goal percentage in the league last season, and Lue has said that they’ll address that soon.

They’re going to be more focused and have more confidence with what we have, Lues said, noting that they had a good run defensively last season.

The team was the second-worst in the NBA in defensive rating last season when they were second in field goal defense.

But it’s also not clear that the team has enough depth on the roster.

They have a ton of young talent that they’re not going to let go.

They also have a lot of veterans that are coming up through the system and that they have to develop.

That’s a long-term challenge, and I think that the organization is very excited about the future.

“Lue also noted that the draft class is very deep.

The Cavaliers need to be able to find a couple of first-rounder or second-rounder in the upcoming draft.

They’ll be in for a difficult offseason if they can’t find a way to find enough young talent.

But Lue noted that he’s not going anywhere, and that he feels very good about his coaching staff.

The NBA has a lot to offer, and we’ve had great success at that.

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