New York City braces for flooding as the city braces for the Christmas season.

New York Gov.

Andrew Cuomo announced a new storm surge advisory for the region on Wednesday.

The storm surge watch is in effect until midnight Wednesday, and the city is planning for up to five feet of rain, according to Cuomo.

The storm surge warnings are in effect for New York and the New Jersey coastline.

Cuomo urged people to evacuate if they live in high-risk areas.

People who can’t leave the area are encouraged to take to the streets, the governor said.

New York City is bracing for a possible flood.

Cuomo declared a flood emergency in the area, which includes the Hudson River and the East River.

The National Weather Service said on Twitter that the National Weather Center has predicted a high of 35.7 feet (11.2 meters).

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the city was flooded with floodwaters and many buildings collapsed, causing millions of dollars in damage.

A number of people have been killed and thousands have been displaced.

The National Weather Commission said Tuesday that the storm surge from Sandy could reach 45 feet (12 meters) in parts of the city, which is about 50 percent higher than it was when Sandy made landfall in the region.

A tornado that hit parts of New Jersey on Monday killed three people and damaged or destroyed thousands of homes.

The tornadoes came from the Gulf Coast region.

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