Donald Trump’s administration is expected to announce a $20.4 billion defense spending package next week, according to a new White House report.

The president-elect has said he would use the money to “make America great again.”

The White House also has yet to release details of the package, which the White House has said will “strengthen our military, enhance our national security, and keep our people safe.”

The administration will make the announcement during a meeting with lawmakers and military personnel.

It has also asked lawmakers to pass the spending bill by the end of March.

Trump has said the military has lost $500 billion in the last decade and the Pentagon is short more than $1 trillion.

Trump’s budget would provide $20 million to the National Institutes of Health to fund research on treatments for autism, Huntington’s disease and other diseases.

It would also provide $8 billion for the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide veterans with care and mental health services.

The Pentagon would receive $9.5 billion for a new warfighter hospital, $6 billion to pay for construction of a new aircraft carrier, $7 billion for training of military advisers and $1 billion for additional support to combat ISIS.

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