The first of its kind in the US, the cake was designed to celebrate the centenary of the completion of the Brooklyn Bridge in 1939.

It is a massive, round cake, covered in white icing and adorned with thousands of colourful icing swirls, and it’s been a part of a celebration in New York City for almost 40 years.

It is the most photographed cake in the world and it was unveiled to the public on Friday at the US Capitol building in Washington DC. 

The cake was created by architect Daniel Kahneman and was commissioned by the US government in 2004.

It features thousands of frosted swirls decorating the base of the cake, which includes a white cake crown. 

Kahneman says the cake is part of the celebration of the bridge’s centenary, but he says it’s also part of his ongoing research into how the world works.

“I wanted to make it as much of a symbol as possible and as a tribute to this bridge,” he said.

“It’s also a symbol of the importance of public space, and I think that’s very relevant to us today.”

The design of the monument was inspired by a painting by the artist Frank Lloyd Wright called “The Ceremony of the City of New York”, which shows a white, white, and blue cityscape, with hundreds of coloured butterflies and birds flying through the air, and a man on a horse on a white horse, holding a bouquet of flowers.

“We really wanted to bring that out and to make the cake a part, a celebration, of this celebration,” he explained.

“What we’ve been doing is looking at these bridges and they have this great history, and they were constructed as a bridge for the world to go on to see.”

So what we really wanted was to capture that in a very special way.

“The cake’s construction began in 2005, when the US Department of Transportation commissioned the design and construction of the design of a large cake, decorated in white and covered in icing, to be unveiled to New York’s public in January 2006.

The ceremony began in Washington and went on until the Capitol building opened for business on January 14, 2007.

The cake, while big, was not the biggest in the capital, with the cake being built on the second floor of the Capitol.

It was unveiled on a large circular cake stand with more than 6,000 different coloured frosted and decorated icing swirl patterns.

The design was completed in 2014, but the monument is still under construction.

The monument is about 20 metres (66ft) high, and the cakes are covered in more than 200 layers of frosting, including more than 2,000 layers of white icing.

The monument has been a popular event for years, and some people have been planning a big celebration for this anniversary.”

The cake has become a part to be celebrated and to be held up as a symbol, and we wanted to celebrate that in this way.””

It is such a big event.”

The cake has become a part to be celebrated and to be held up as a symbol, and we wanted to celebrate that in this way.


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