The UK’s Construction and Builders Union (CBBU) has announced that it will be building 1,500 homes for people resettled in the UK.

The first of the houses will be completed in the north-west of England, which has the highest concentration of refugees in the country.

The CBBU said it will also be constructing 1,100 homes in the South East of England to meet demand for houses which have been vacated by refugees.

The new homes will be built by the UK’s Housing Agency (HA), which will then have the responsibility of providing social housing to those who have been resettlled in the wake of the Grenfell Tower disaster.

The UK is currently building 1.5 million new homes a year and has been the main source of funding for resettlement in Europe, and is currently home to around one million refugees. 

According to the CBBV, the number of refugees resettling in the EU is at least 7.4 million.

The group said the UK is “making a huge contribution” to helping refugees in need.

“This is a new norm.

This is the first time that the government is building homes for these people,” said Mike Turner, the chief executive of the CBPU.

The project will be financed by the Government, with the funding coming from a £5bn funding programme to help the UK “build new homes and boost the economy” from 2020. 

Mr Turner added: “The Government is investing in housing and rebuilding Britain’s economy to give our citizens the opportunity to be more successful in the global economy.”

The Government has also committed £500 million to help families who are at risk of homelessness, and will use that money to provide more housing, support for children, support families and increase opportunities for apprenticeships and work.

“Mr Turner said the project will also include the construction of a “new bridge”, which will link two existing buildings in central London.

The Government said the £5m was “a key part of our response to the Grenff Tower disaster, which led to a massive increase in the number and severity of the emergency”.”

This bridge will connect the communities most affected by the emergency, as well as help the city to build the infrastructure that is required to respond to the growing number of emergency requests for help,” a spokesman said.”

It will help provide safe, permanent housing to refugees, as part of a wider housing strategy for the region.

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