The home in the picture above is a new construction home built in 2020 in the city of Trillium, Michigan.

It has an exterior that looks like it came straight out of a sci-fi movie, but is actually a 2,500-square-foot home with a living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom.

Trillum is the second city in the US to build such a home, and it’s not the first: Trillums home was built in 2012 and was completed in 2018. 

The home’s interior has a lot of space, but not enough for all the bedrooms and bathrooms to be made up of individual beds.

It’s possible that the living room is a bit too small for two people, but the kitchen and bathroom are plenty for a couple.

The house has three bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a great amount of storage.

I would expect a lot more storage for the rest of the house.

The only thing that the house doesn’t have is a kitchenette.

There’s a stove in the living area, but no refrigerator.

I’m not sure how you would cook a meal in a house without a refrigerator, so I guess that would be a bonus feature. 

I bought the house because it had an older exterior that needed replacing.

When I saw the house in the photos, I knew that I wanted to live in it for the long term, so there were a few features that I was excited to add to the house: the kitchen has an electric stove, a microwave, and two ovens. 

Another thing that was really nice about the house was the way that it was designed.

The interior looks old-school and retro, with a classic look to it.

I like that it looks old school, because it’s really cool.

It had a nice mix of old and modern elements, with old industrial and industrial-styled features, but I think that the style really captures the design and the style of the neighborhood.

The main room, the living space, and the garage were all designed in such a way that you could walk in and see how the design fits together. 

This house was built with two goals in mind: to have a large home, with ample storage for all of the furniture and other necessities, and to build an attractive home.

To make these goals a reality, I started with the exterior. 

There were a lot parts of the exterior that were really easy to work with. 

For example, there was the woodgrain pattern on the windows.

There was also the red trim on the door and window frame.

I made the windows smaller by adding the red paint to the front of the door, then trimmed it with red trim from the back of the window.

I also painted the house a deep red, so it looked more like a garage. 

Next, I made sure that the doors were open.

I used a combination of a few different door trim pieces, but basically, I cut out the top of the doors, and then glued it on the top so that it could be easily opened with a key.

I then cut out a large number of pieces of wood that were about the same width as the door frame, and glued them all on the doors. 

Finally, I used an old iron saw to cut out small pieces of metal, which I then attached to the door frames. 

To make sure that these little pieces of plywood would be easy to assemble, I taped them onto the sides of the metal and made sure to glue them to the metal in such that they wouldn’t peel. 

Then I cut some of the plywood to the exact width that I needed, and cut a small hole in the middle so that the ply could be drilled through. 

Once the ply was drilled through, I then glued the ply to the wood. 

When I finished that, I added the door trim, and painted the interior red. 

 To finish off the interior, I glued on some white paint to make it look more modern and modern, but also made it look as if it was built from the 70s and 80s.

This was my biggest challenge: I was afraid that it would look too modern, and I didn’t want to paint the house, so that would also ruin the look of the home.

I did add a few details to the outside, like a few windows and a door frame. 

So that was my house.

It was really fun to build.

I learned a lot about how to design homes, and now that I have more experience with building homes, I want to be able to build more houses.

I think the home that I built is really a good example of how to make a home that will be a great asset for you.

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