The software will provide a “quick and easy way to manage your construction management business” to automate and manage construction and maintenance tasks, according to a release from the Australian Institute of Professional Engineers.

The company, based in Perth, has already released a “demo” of its software to the public.

It is designed to provide a single interface to manage the building operations of any of the more than 100 million buildings in Australia, the release said.

“It allows for seamless access to information from the contractor, the builder, subcontractors and the contractor’s subcontractors,” the release added.

In the release, the company said it wanted to offer its software “as easy to use as a software development kit (SDK) and to offer a range of capabilities to contractors and building managers”.

In terms of capabilities, the software will be able to: provide access to building documents, including structural and environmental data, as well as the construction manager’s contract, project plan, schedule, drawings and documents; and provide a complete view of all the construction materials and work processes for a project, including the actual building materials; provide a quick and easy interface to a contractor, builder, contractor’s contractor, subcontractor and subcontractor’s subcontractor to manage construction operations; and enable the builder to automate work and schedule construction activities; and assist the builder in monitoring the construction management of a building.

Work will also be done “in real-time and automatically”, according to the release.

Key points: The software will help contractors, building managers and contractors manage construction activities for buildings, including managing contractors’ contracts, schedule and work documents; allowing the builder and builder’s contractor to automate construction activities, including scheduling; and enabling the builder’s subcontracts to manage work and schedules.

A contractor, a builder, a contractor’s contractors, a subcontractor, a construction manager and a builder’s sub-contractor will be supported by the software.

Construction managers will be notified via the software of the progress and progress of the work, as will contractors and subcontractors.

Builders and contractors will be provided with detailed construction plans, a detailed schedule of work, detailed drawings, drawings for work and work schedule, and information on subcontractor projects.

Other features include: “Advanced” building management tools for contractors and builders, including an automated schedule management system for contractor and builder contracts; and a “build-in” management system to monitor contractor work and the construction schedule.

While there are other companies developing software for building management, the Australian institute’s release said its software would be “designed for the specific use of contractors and project managers”.

The software is being developed by Australian National University.

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