DEZ BRYANT’S CONTRACT STATUS: Signed through 2020.

The Cowboys have $8 million in cap space, including $5.5 million in dead money and $1.5 in dead salary.

They’ll have $12.5 to work with.

DEJANGO WALKER’S STATUS OF FUTURE: The Cowboys are still working out whether Walker is fully healthy.

If he’s fully healthy, the Cowboys can use that cap space to add another cornerback, linebacker or defensive end.

This is one of the team’s bigger weaknesses.

BOBBY JACKSON’S AGREEMENT STATUS STATUS, BOBBY JACKSON DEVELOPMENT STATUS FROM WEEK 2: Jackson is a restricted free agent after the 2017 season.

He is scheduled to make $1 million in base salary this season, plus $1,000 in escalators.

JACKSON HAD NOTHING BUT GOOD NEWS STATUS BOB JACKSON: The team will be paying him $1 billion for a franchise-record seven years.

JACKSTON HAS NOT BEEN HELD IN CONTRACTS IN SEASON PREVIOUS SEASON: The Lions and Seahawks signed Jackson to a three-year, $37 million deal in 2018, but they have yet to negotiate a long-term extension.

Jackson, 30, has been hampered by back issues.

Jackson is the highest-paid wide receiver on the Cowboys, according to ESPN Stats & Info.

JACKSONS FAVORITE PLAYERS ON HIS TEAM: WR Dez Jackson (4) Dez is the team leader in targets and receptions.

He’s been a solid No. 2 receiver.

DEZ JACKSON IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR THE ROAD: He has the second-most receiving yards in the league.

DELLA RIVERA’S PREDICTION FOR NEXT SEASON STATUS ON NEW PITCH: He’s in good shape and should have a good year.

RIVERAS SAYS HE’S FINE TO RETURN TO BOSTON: The Patriots’ offense is coming along and he should be fine.

The Patriots have been successful without him, so they may want to hold off on adding another wide receiver.

He’ll be a restricted Free Agent.

RIVERSON LIVES IN NEW YORK, IS GOOD AND STAYING ON HIS WAY: Rivers is one in a long line of NFL receivers who went to New York.

He was a big part of the Giants’ Super Bowl run.

Rivers is entering the final year of his contract and is a key member of the Saints’ offense.

RICHARD KIRBY’S PLAYS WITH A STRETCH: He had a career-high 53 catches last season.

The Giants signed him to a five-year deal, with $12 million guaranteed.

The contract includes $6.8 million of dead money.

KIRBINSON TALKS RETURN AT PITCH FOR SEASON IN 2021: The Packers are a playoff team, so the idea is to keep Kirk Cousins around for the long haul.

Kirk Cousins was one of his favorite quarterbacks.

KIM BOURNE’S TRADE STATUS AFTER LAST SEASON STATS: Bourne is the Cowboys’ No. 1 receiver.

Bourne has been one of their best players this season.

BRYAN WILSON’T BE DONE FOR YEARS: Wilson has a history of knee issues and surgery in 2017.

The team has indicated that it will use some of that money to keep him healthy.

WILSON IS IN THE CUT: The franchise tag for Wilsons 2019 contract is $8M.

This means the Cowboys will have to use that money on a new cornerback.

This will be a major issue for the Cowboys if they want to keep Wilsson.

WILL BE A THIRD TEAM PLAYER BY 2020: The league has given the Cowboys three years to develop players like Wilsom.

They have two more years.

WR BRYANT’T DONE: Bryant has yet to sign his extension.

Bryant was the Cowboys No. 5 receiver in 2017, but he missed five games with injuries.

WR WILKES-BARRE, THE MOST DONE TEAM STATUS BY WEEK: The Saints are the only team with a contract on the books after the season.

WR JACKSON WAS ONE OF THE TEAM’S MOST FLEXIBLE PLAYERS IN 2017: Jackson had nine touchdowns and zero interceptions.


JACKSAW IS ONE OF THOSE PLAYERS WHO MIGHT BE A ROUNDTABLE CHOICE FOR OTHER TEAMS: The NFL Players Association has said it has no intention of penalizing the Cowboys for their free-agent spending.

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