The Civil Engineering Association (CEA) has issued an opinion in favor of construction of a new civil bridge across the Sacramento River in the Sacramento National Forest (SNFF) by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

The CEA wrote in a written statement that “the new construction has been approved by the National Forest Service, which is the entity responsible for overseeing construction and overseeing the maintenance of public lands.”

The CEI noted that the new bridge would “bring two miles of roadway to the eastern edge of the Sacramento riverbank, thereby providing access to the north-west portion of the State of California.”

The existing bridge, a $1.9 billion project, currently serves as the only highway between Sacramento and the town of Burbank, which lies on the Sacramento coast.

The bridge’s construction is due to be completed by 2021.

The new bridge, however, would connect to a separate highway that would link the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Regional Regional Airport (RRSJRA) to the Sacramento Valley Regional Airport, which connects to the RRSJTA.RRSJs’ traffic will continue to grow despite the completion of the new highway, according to the CEI, which pointed to the city’s recent expansion of its transportation network, which included a new subway station and new bus routes.

The proposed new bridge also would link to the proposed Sacramento River Crossing (SRCC) project, which would connect the Sacramento City and Regional Parks to the California Central Coast.

The project, designed by the California Department of Water Resources (CDWR), was announced by Gov.

Jerry Brown in 2016, but its completion was delayed in the wake of the 2017 Oroville Dam spill.

The federal government has been actively promoting the SRCC, and the CEA said that it was important to note that the bridge would not replace existing infrastructure in the area.

The agency added that the SR CC would include a new road and a new bridge.

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