The construction industry has long been a lucrative industry, with companies making some of the most lucrative projects in the United States.

But lately, the industry has come under fire for some of its more questionable names, including “Cantor” and “Curtis.”

The Construction Industry Institute recently put together a list of the 10 most controversial construction companies, which it calls “the most egregious names in our industry.”

The list includes names like “Lone Star Contractors,” “Everett Construction,” and “Turtle Rock.”

The construction companies are often accused of making the most unsafe projects and then selling them off to other companies.

Here are 10 of the companies on the list.

Read moreHere are the top 10 names on the Construction Industry Institue’s list of “most egregious names” in the industry:Construction Institute: Construction industry name,turtle rock,turtles,trolls,trucks source Vice news title Turtle Rock is making money with the name of a construction company, but they are actually trolls, says the Construction Institute article Construction industry consultant Joe Lomax has a theory: He thinks construction companies like Turtle Rock, which is based in Florida, are actually troll-owned.

Lomaz is a former employee of Turtle Rock.

When Lomas was asked about the company’s business practices, he said that he was told it’s a troll-controlled company and not a real construction company.

LOMAZ: You know, if I’m a real contractor, I would have thought about, “Oh, my God, what’s going on here?”

And then I would be like, “Wait, I guess that’s the real story.”

But in my opinion, the real problem is that, in some cases, they’re not hiring, they don’t know they’re hiring.

I’ve worked for Turtle Rock for five years.

I actually don’t think they’ve hired anybody for years.

They’re actually hiring for free.

It’s the best known trolling company in America.

It doesn’t really care about the workers.

They just want to make a buck.

The Construction Institute said in a statement, “We have worked to make sure that the construction of new construction projects is safe, secure, and fair.

We believe that the real threat to our community is not from the construction workers themselves, but rather the contractors they hire and the firms they partner with.”

The construction industry also has a problem with its reputation.

According to the Construction Industries Association, the construction sector in the U.S. was worth $17.4 trillion in 2016.

It says the industry employs 2.7 million people, employs about 1.5 million full-time workers, and makes $3.3 trillion in profits.

But there’s one company that’s taken up the fight to make construction safer.

That company is Turtle Rock Construction.

The company has been accused of using “trucker” as a term of abuse to refer to employees, which was deemed offensive by many workers.

The company, however, says it’s not racist or discriminatory, and that the term is just a way to describe people who don’t want to be called “turtle” anymore.

“If you don’t agree with the term ‘trupper’ or ‘troll,’ that’s fine, we’ll just change the name,” Turtle Rock said in its statement to Vice News.

“But if you’re going to be calling us ‘turtle,’ you better be calling it with respect.”

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