With no qualifications, the only qualification required to work as a construction manager in the city of Perth is a Bachelor of Construction Management from a tertiary institution.

And the job could lead to big things.

B.C. Construction Management degree students who complete a construction management program in their final year will be able to apply to become the permanent operators of some of the country’s largest and most important construction sites.

“Theoretically, we would be able be part of the management team for major sites that are built in the urban centres of the city,” said David Mancuso, the associate director of research and education at the university.

“It would allow us to work with a lot of the smaller construction sites that we work with daily.”

The university said it is hoping to have construction managers in place at the site of the Commonwealth Games, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia building, the Perth Metro Rail project, and other sites in the future.

“It’s going to be a really interesting thing to do, especially because you’re only working with a couple of people on a site, and that’s going be really good,” Mancum said.

The program is not new to the province.

The College of Engineering and Technology held its own construction management course for two years, with more than 50 students.

The new program will allow students to apply for the jobs of the future, which will be offered by the university in partnership with a private company.

“We would like to hire people who can build infrastructure and be responsible for the management of the project, because we think it’s really important,” said Mancupo.

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