The construction industry has been struggling with a lack of qualified builders for some time.

In fact, the average salary for construction workers in the United States is just $16,000 a year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

With construction falling to a record low in the past couple of years, it’s understandable why employers are trying to find qualified workers.

But how do you find the right fit for your business?

Here’s a look at the top construction jobs available today.


Construction Engineer and Architect: If you’re looking for a career in construction, this is the job for you.

Construction engineers are among the most qualified professionals in the field.

They’re highly trained professionals with extensive experience in construction and engineering.

Some of the most popular construction careers include: 2.

Project Manager: A project manager is the person who manages the construction team on a project.

They are often the lead person for large projects.

They typically work with contractors and subcontractors to build projects.


Construction Contractor: This construction role requires a great deal of project management skills.

The contractor typically deals with building permits, permitting and other regulatory issues.

They can also handle the construction of an infrastructure, transportation, landscaping or construction project.


Project Supervisor: This job requires more project management and coordination skills.

Construction supervisors work directly with the project team.

They help with the planning, scheduling and execution of the project.


Landscape Architect: Landscape architects are the architects of the landscape in your business.

They build and manage landscape and interior design projects.


Engineering Technician: This career requires a lot of work and skill, but the pay is great.

Engineers work for large companies that need to know everything about every aspect of a building, including the design and construction of buildings.


Construction Superintendent: This is a position that’s not for everyone, but it’s a good choice for anyone looking for an entry-level job.

This job usually requires a high level of skill and is generally a high-paying career for people who are experienced with construction.


Construction Assistant: This position is a high pay-to-performance job.

You must be able to work on large projects and complete large projects with little supervision.


Contractor Engineer: This engineer is typically responsible for designing and building structures.

They work with subcontractors and contractors to build large and complex projects.


Construction Specialist: This specialty can be a great entry- and intermediate-level career for those who have extensive experience with construction, but also a high demand for qualified contractors.

Some careers include, landscaper, roofer, landscaped landscape, roofing contractor.


Construction Technician: The skills needed to build a big, complex building are the same as those needed to create a small house, according a CareerBuilder survey.


Construction Supervisor: The work of the construction worker is just as important as the work itself.

They often manage the entire construction of the complex project, including designing the project and installing the structural elements, according the CareerBuilder report.


Architectural Designer: If there’s one occupation that needs more skills, it is architecture.

The skills of an architect are critical for the building of complex, functional structures that can withstand the elements.


Architect: The architect is responsible for design and implementation of complex projects, such as the building, design, construction, renovation and repair of homes and other structures.

The design is a crucial component in the construction process.


Contractors: Contractors are highly skilled and experienced workers that perform a wide range of construction work, from painting to engineering.

Contracting has become an important profession in recent years, as construction projects have become more complex and more costly.


Structural Engineer: Structural engineers are highly trained construction professionals with a passion for construction.

Their primary role is in the design, design and building of structures.


Building Manager: The building manager is responsible with managing the operations of a business and overseeing the operations and financials of the business.

The manager is also responsible for managing the construction company, as well as maintaining the property, maintaining the structure, maintaining security and ensuring that all of the employees, customers, vendors and suppliers are getting what they need.


Senior Manager: This role typically involves maintaining the company’s financials and the financials are important to keep a company afloat.

In some cases, the management team is responsible to the CEO, who is also the chief financial officer.


Manager: It’s a great opportunity to grow your business as an architect, but if you’re just starting out, it may be the right position for you if you want to expand your skills.


Construction Inspector: Inspectors are usually employed in the private sector, and their primary duties include maintaining the construction and other building activities, which include demolition, roof repair, painting, grading and landscaping.


Construction Associate: An associate is a contractor who usually has

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