The new design team for Apple’s iPhone X and iPhone XS have a lot in common, but they don’t have a whole lot in the way of brains, according to Axios’ Kara Swisher.

The new team of Apple engineers is comprised of the same tech team that made Apple’s previous two iPhones, and Swisher reports that the new team is working on a lot more than just building hardware for Apple.

For example, the new design teams is working with 3D printing to build 3D models of the phone, but Swisher says that they’re also looking at how to integrate 3D sensors into the phone itself to make it a more functional device.

The team has also been working on the company’s own augmented reality headset, the iBeam, which the Verge described as an “artificial intelligence augmented reality glasses” that can “see” things like “you, your eyes, and objects in the room behind you.”

If you’ve been looking to buy a new iPhone, it’s a good time to look elsewhere.

There are some big differences between the design teams that have worked on the previous two iPhone models.

The biggest difference is that Apple is now using the same technology and materials for the two iPhones.

The iPhone X uses the same metal, glass, and plastic as the iPhone 8, but the company is using the metal and glass from the iPhone X instead of plastic.

This means that the design of the iPhone is more “mesh” and less “walled off” than it was on the iPhone 7.

That makes the iPhone’s materials more prone to cracking and breaking, and it can cause issues with battery life.

The iBeams are similar in that they are metal and plastic but have a 3D scanning sensor in their frame that detects objects in your room behind and above you.

However, the company says the sensors can only detect objects in a certain range of wavelengths, so the iBears will be able to see into areas that aren’t “mapped out” in the previous models.

There’s also a slight improvement to the camera on the new iPhone X: The camera on both iPhones will be slightly larger.

Apple has said that the camera will be 2x larger than on the 8 Plus.

The other big difference is the way in which the phones have been designed.

On the iPhone 6s, Apple chose to design its iPhone with a single, thin edge.

The design of iPhone X is a little different: The new iPhone design team is designing the phones in two halves: one half is made up of the camera and a glass front, while the other half is a glass back.

That design gives the new phones a little more volume, but it also means the phone is more likely to crack.

And while the glass back is a big improvement, it doesn’t do anything to stop the iPhone from bending or falling out of your hand when you’re trying to use it.

So while Apple’s design team may not have the same design vision as the design team that worked on Apple’s past iPhones, the design for the iPhone has been refined enough to get Apple into the game again.

There have been rumors that Apple has been working hard on its own new camera design for some time now.

The company’s last two iPhones were designed with an LCD panel on the front of the device.

Apple said that its cameras and cameras-related accessories would be a big part of its new design, and the company said that they would be able “to produce higher quality images in a longer time” with its new camera technology.

We don’t know what kind of images Apple will be producing with its camera technology, but we do know that the company will have an OLED display on the device, which will allow the camera to focus on the image at a much lower level than its previous phones.

That may not sound like much, but Apple has previously said that OLED displays are going to be the next big thing in smartphones.

And with OLED displays being on the rise, it seems likely that Apple will finally be able do something similar with its cameras.

What does this mean for iPhone X?

For now, Apple is using Apple’s existing iPhone models to sell the iPhone.

The phones will be available starting this fall in various colors, but in order to sell them, Apple will have to change the design.

As Swisher wrote in her article, Apple has already begun looking at different ways to market the new iPhones.

For instance, the latest iPhones include an upgraded version of Apple’s Beats Music streaming service.

The upgraded Beats service includes a “Music Everywhere” feature that allows you to listen to your favorite music, as well as Apple’s music streaming service and the new App Store.

But the upgrade also lets you listen to music that is not currently available in Apple Music.

Apple’s new phones will also include a new “Music Pass” that will let you listen, store, and play music from iTunes and Apple

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