A construction company in Texas is selling a $30 million house, but that doesn’t make it any less valuable to the man behind it.

The house is located in a sprawling property on the banks of the Brazos River in south Austin.

The man, named Joe, said he has no plans to sell the property, but is interested in selling it to raise funds for a home improvement company.

Joe and his wife, Lori, are planning to move into a three-bedroom home they built on the property in March.

Joe said the house is beautiful.

He said it has four bedrooms, a master bath, and a pool.

Joe and Lori have lived in the house since April of last year.

They bought the home for $50,000 from a woman who moved into the property from a small town in Georgia.

Joe plans to put the house up for sale once it’s built.

He told me it was going to be a $50 million house.

I was like, wow, Joe, you’re crazy.

It’s $60 million.

I said, $30,000.

Joe told me he wants to put it up for auction, but he didn’t know how much it was worth.

I had no idea.

I didn’t even know if it was in a safe.

The woman who lived in that town said she was not sure if she would buy it.

Joe is a contractor, and he has experience in the construction business.

He has worked for a construction company for a couple of years, but hasn’t worked in construction since the start of the recession.

Joe has also done a lot of renovations to his home in Georgia, including putting up a new carpet.

He did that in February and March of this year.

The new carpet was purchased for $35,000, but Joe said it’s still too expensive to rent.

Joe wants to build a second home in the area.

He’s going to move out of his house in Texas and into a two-bedroom house on the same lot, which is a total of five bedrooms.

Joe, who has been married to Lori for about three years, said they are looking to buy the home in a few months.

The couple has two children.

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