The construction industry in Australia is a very small one and yet it has been responsible for building Australia’s tallest skyscrapers.

A construction company that has built many of Australia’s largest buildings over the years is one that the government of Australia will not support.

Zachry Construction Australia Limited was one of the first companies to sign up to the World’s Tallest Building Contractors Agreement (WSTBA) in 2011.

Under the agreement, which was developed in collaboration with Australia’s National Building Industry Council, the company will undertake a comprehensive project to build the world-class tallest buildings in Australia.

“The WSTBA is the only world’s tall building contract in the world, which means the project will have a global footprint, with the construction of these buildings being a global project,” said Zachry Construction Chief Executive, Mark Sargent.

The contract was approved by the Australian National University and the Australian government, with Zachry Constructors and the State Government both paying up to $50 million to build its new headquarters.

In its application to build one of Australia ‘s tallest buildings, Zachry said it would “significantly reduce construction costs, reduce construction waste and reduce energy and greenhouse gas emissions.”

Zackry Construction will also be working with the State to reduce its carbon emissions and help the country to meet its climate change targets.

Construction companies are one of a number of Australian companies that are actively seeking contracts to build Australia’s new tallest buildings.

Earlier this month, Australian construction firm JLL confirmed it had secured a $12.5 million contract to build Sydney’s tallest building, which will be known as the World Trade Centre (WTC) skyscraper.

More recently, construction firm GCE signed a $25 million contract with the Australian Federal Government to build two new buildings in Sydney, and has already started work on the first building of the $1 billion Sydney Olympic Park, which is set to open in 2022.

These tall buildings are only the start of what will be a massive construction programme in Australia for the World Tower project, which aims to be Australia’s most significant construction project to date.

As Australia prepares to celebrate its centenary, there is still one project that is going to be on everyone’s mind.

A large crane is set for the opening of the World Towers of Sydney, which has been in the works for over two years.

ABC reporter Dan Hunt will be at the site to provide live updates from the site and report from inside the construction site.

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