AUSTRALIA’S AUSTRIA rugby union has sacked its new CEO, who will be taking over in April 2019.

Key points:Peter Poulter will be replacing Paul Poulson in AprilAAP has asked the AFL to remove Poulton’s name from the jerseyThe move comes after a decade of turmoil, with the union struggling to find a replacementPeter Poulster is the most senior Australian of any rugby union union executive, having served as the club’s head of rugby since the 1990s and as a senior executive of the national competition since 2007.

In an interview with ABC Radio Perth, Mr Poulters chief executive said the union had a lot of good people on its board and had a very strong leadership group and a fantastic history, but had been in a period of upheaval in recent times.

“The rugby union game in Australia has been in crisis for the last 10 years,” he said.

“We’ve been through a lot.

A lot of changes.

I’ve been involved in a lot.”

He said the rugby union community had a strong culture and had an amazing support network.

“I know it’s a difficult period for a lot rugby union fans, a lot people in Australia,” Mr Poulsters said.

“There’s a lot that needs to be done, and that’s why I’m here.”

He admitted that the decision to sack Mr Polls head coach was controversial, but said the changes were a “small, incremental” one.

“What I did was take a long look at what we needed to do, what the board needed to get together, what needed to be addressed, and I was confident in the leadership of my team,” Mr Pennington said.

Mr Poults’ decision to quit comes after several years of upheaval for the club.

The sport was embroiled in a dispute between the union and the governing body, the Australian Rugby Union (ARU), after the ARU was granted permission to conduct international matches for the first time since 2000.

Mr Pennington’s departure is likely to spark an exodus of staff, who have been struggling to fill key roles, including the senior executive, head of the Rugby Union Council, and the general manager of the club, which is home to the national Rugby League All Stars tournament.

Mr Pensnington said the club had also been “very difficult to work with” for some time.

“It’s been a difficult time for us,” he told ABC Radio WA.

He said while he had had a long and successful career as an AFL player, he had also worked in rugby union for two decades.

“Rugby is a tough sport,” Mr Pensnington told the radio station.

“You have to go through some really tough times and you get through it.”

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