In April 2016, China Construction Bank completed a $1.4 trillion project in Zhejiang province, the heartland of the country’s “Beijing-centric” economy.

The bank’s $4.4 billion project will extend its network of roads and bridges across the country to its north.

It also plans to build an air traffic control tower, a 1,300-metre-long steel tower, and an underwater cable connecting the two rivers.

Its plans are seen as an early step towards the expansion of its own economic zone in the country, where it is planning to build its first large-scale factory.

It is also expected to start construction of a massive solar-powered plant that will power the city of Nanjing, and to build a massive power plant in Xinjiang, the region where the capital, Beijing, is located.

China Construction’s project was not the only one planned for the region.

The state-run China National Petroleum Corporation has also announced plans to develop an oil-rich area called the Jialin-Jialing Basin.

The Jialing basin is a major oil-producing region in China’s Xinjiang region, and is the largest undeveloped oil field in the world.

Its importance to China’s economy has been a source of controversy for years, with many saying it could be a major driver of the collapse of the price of oil.

The Xinjiang province is home to some of the world’s most repressive, anti-democratic governments.

There are also fears that the project could threaten the environment, which could have dire consequences for local people living in the area.

What to know about China’s energy crisis: What is China’s vast energy infrastructure?

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