A billion dollar construction empire is coming to Pakistan.

A new $10 billion construction facility is being built by the US Army to build a new military base in the country.

US Army General Curtis Scaparrotti, chief of US Central Command (CENTCOM), told the US Congress in March that this was an important milestone for the US military in Pakistan.

Scaparotti has been leading the construction of this new base for the past two years. “

This new facility will help to increase the capacity of our troops to support US allies and partners in the region and enhance the capabilities of our national security force.”

Scaparotti has been leading the construction of this new base for the past two years.

The base will be the largest and most expensive military installation in Pakistan, with the estimated cost of construction in excess of $2 billion.

This construction is expected to be completed by 2021.

The US military is also constructing an additional US base in Afghanistan in the near future.

The Pentagon has also been moving to build the new military facility on its southern border, as well as the Joint Security Cooperation Agency (JSCA), a joint force of the US, Pakistani and Afghan militaries.

In February, the US government approved $1.9bn to purchase US-made M1 Abrams tanks from Lockheed Martin, and US-built Humvees from Raytheon.

These purchases will allow the US to have a permanent presence in the border region.

US officials have also been building an extensive network of military bases across the border in Afghanistan.

The first major US base construction was in Afghanistan, where the Pentagon built the Joint Base Balad (JB Balad) in 2009, and the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

However, the United States has since moved to build more military installations in Pakistan to counter the growing influence of the Taliban and other militant groups.

This includes the new base at Chashma in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, which was announced in July 2018.

The facility will be capable of providing a US army force of 1,200 soldiers and 1,100 soldiers and 200 vehicles, along with up to 300,000 soldiers’ and 1 million soldiers’ equipment and supplies.

The site is also expected to house US air defense systems and training facilities, which will be built in Pakistan for the future US military presence.

The JB Balada base is expected be operational by 2023.

This will include training for the upcoming Afghan-led Operation Forward Unto Dawn, which is expected by 2021, according to US officials.

This new base will also be the main training center for US Special Operations Forces in Pakistan and will be used for counter-terrorism training.

In September 2018, the Trump administration announced plans to spend $1 billion to expand the base, which has been in the making since 2007.

The new base is also set to be the first US military base to be built within Pakistan, according the US Department of Defense.

This move will help increase the number of US troops in the South Asia region and will help the US-Pakistan relationship, according a US military official.

In 2017, the military announced that the US had approved a deal to build five new military bases in Pakistan by 2022.

The United States currently has more than 700 military bases, with about 40 of them in Pakistan’s tribal regions.

The number of American military bases has increased dramatically over the past decade, and as recently as December 2016, the Pentagon estimated that there were more than 2,400 US bases in the Middle East, with another 500 in Afghanistan as well.

The increased presence in Afghanistan has increased the risk that militants will target US bases.

The Taliban, a terrorist group that the United Nations describes as the world’s oldest terrorist organisation, has attacked several US bases and facilities in Pakistan in recent years.

Earlier this year, a suicide bomber targeted a US base near the Afghan-Pakistan border, killing two US soldiers and wounding two others.

The bombing also injured several other US troops, including a soldier who was taken to a hospital for treatment.

In March 2018, President Donald Trump and the leaders of Pakistan and Afghanistan signed a peace agreement that was supposed to ease tensions in the two countries.

However the agreement, known as the Pak-Afghan Strategic Partnership Agreement (PASPA), was later suspended by Pakistan’s military and the Taliban.

Since then, tensions between the two nations have increased.

The Afghan Taliban has claimed responsibility for several suicide attacks in Pakistan targeting US military and civilian personnel.

The country has also reportedly been trying to launch a new war against the United Kingdom.

The latest US-Pakistani attack comes as the United Nation Security Council passed a resolution on Friday that condemned the “systematic, indiscriminate, and disproportionate use of force” by the Pakistani military against civilians in 2016.

The resolution condemned the military’s indiscrim

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