An Australian company has created a robot toy that looks like a tiny version of a human.

The Tinker Construct is based on the company’s first toy, a human-like robot called Tinkle, that has been designed by researchers from the University of Western Australia.

The Toy Maker, which is owned by Toy Maker Australia, sells a line of toys, toys that look like a real human.

It was created to teach kids how to design and build their own toys, according to the company.

The Tinkle robot is based in Perth.

The company has been developing the Tinkle toy for some time, said the company in a statement.

“We are not interested in selling any Tinkle toys but we want to be the first to bring this to the masses,” the company said.

“Our toy will be sold through the internet to anyone who is interested.”

Tinkle was designed to be used by children to help them learn.

“Tinkle was built for learning purposes, to be fun and to make fun of,” the statement said.

The toy was created by a team of researchers from WA State University.

The robot is a humanoid robot, with four arms, legs and feet.

Tinkle has been outfitted with a microphone and a microphone for voice communication.

It also has a camera and microphone to listen to the environment around it.

Tickle has been made for education, so it is designed to help kids learn.

Toy Maker says it will sell the toy through its website and other platforms, including in stores and on the internet.

The toys can also be bought online for $15, the company added.


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